Map&Truck offers a single portal to display all of your mobile resources.

All-in-one platform
Compatible with all brands
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Map&Truck, the first universal telematics platform.

Map&Truck is a universal geolocation platform that is compatible with all market solutions. Finally, a platform that allows you to take advantage of all your mobile resources in a single portal, regardless of which telematics device is installed in your vehicle. Whether it's a factory-installed unit or aftermarket unit, your supervisor will be able to manage the fleet without changing portals.

Information for everyone on any device (PC, phone, tablet)

Map&Truck is available for PC but also for smartphones and tablets so that your supervisors have the right information whenever they need it. Drivers also have their own application with DriverOffice. This allows them to keep in touch with their supervisor and observe their driving and rest times.

Un homme conduisant un camion avec devant lui l'application Map & Truck
Application Map&Truck

Essential functionalities for your transport company.

With Map&Truck you will find all essential functionalities for your company, from operations to human resource management. Driving and rest time management, vacations, expenses calculation, infringements or the monitoring of temperatures. All these functionalities are available.

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Technical expertise to keep your data safe.

Data transparency

An open platform allows you to remain in control of your data, without being constrained by technological
limitations or contractual restrictions.

A single format

All collected data is distributed in a single format, regardless of the provider.

Process adaptability

Business processes change and systems must be able to keep up. The technologies need to be able to adapt as well.

Technological evolution

To remain efficient, a platform must be flexible and based on open standards.

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