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We have been building trust-based relationships for over 10 years.

The group

Created in 2009 by a number of transport professionals wishing to provide the industry with a Freight Exchange Portal managed by transport professionals themselves and at much lower rates than those practiced by existing providers. A company whose capital was open to all industry professionals willing to support the challenge.


Always striving to provide quality service, we focus our
efforts on providing simple answers to common
transportation problems.


Resilience is at the heart of our concerns.

Requirements and data are constantly evolving, which is why the S3pweb platform is constantly adapting to meet your needs and those of the market.

Our technical team closely monitor quality indicators to ensure the high availability of services.


Systems connected to the S3pweb platform


Events processed by the S3pweb platform every day

Data transparency
An open platform allows companies to maintain control of their data.
A single format
All collected data is distributed in a single format, regardless of the provider.
Process adaptability
Business processes change and systems must be able to keep up.
Technological evolution
A platform must be able to protect its users from technological obsolescence.

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