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Do you have several telematics systems? S3pweb allows you to store your data in one place and use it in a single format.

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Traceability Pass

Share your geolocation data in a secure way with your customers or with traceability platforms.

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A universal portal compatible with all telematics providers.

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Collect, format and secure all your telematics data.

For a number of years now, road transport professionals have been seeing new technologies take a prominent place in the organization of their companies. Transport vehicles that previously required an aftermarket telematics solution now have such onboard systems factory fitted as standard (temperature and tire pressure sensors, geolocation tools, EBS on semi-trailers, fuel theft management, smart tachographs, smartphones, manufacturer's telematics etc.).

Traceability Pass

A digital vault for your geolocation data.

For carriers

Share your data in a secure way with your customers
or with traceability platforms.

For freight forwarders

Provide complete traceability to your customers or through traceability platforms by connecting your subcontractors.

For partners

Use a single, secure interface regardless of the telematics provider.

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Technical expertise to keep your data safe.

Data transparency

An open platform allows you to remain in control of your data, without being constrained by technological
limitations or contractual restrictions.

A single format

All collected data is distributed in a single format, regardless of the provider.

Process adaptability

Business processes change and systems must be able to keep up. The technologies used need to be able to adapt also.

Technological evolution

To remain efficient, a platform must be flexible and based on open standards.

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